What is a physical fanlisting?

A physical fanlisting is a listing for a particular famous or fictional person that you think has a good physical quality. For instance, you might like a charcters physical physique, or maybe just their eyes. Well, if you went to, they wouldn't have a listing for that, that's what, the "Physical Fanlistings" is for.

What is this listing about?

This fanlisting is for Cho Hakkai's (entire) physical appearance! Cho Hakkai is the always smiling and polite to hide his tragic past character from the hit animanga Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload, & Saiyuki Gunlock, by Kazuya Minekura.

Cho Hakkai Information

Name: Cho Hakkai

Weight: 69kg

Height: 181cm

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Brown

Blood Type: AB

Constellation: Virgo

Species: Human to Demon

Age: 22

Birthday: September 21

Hobbies: Drinking, Hakuryu, Mahjongg, Gambling, and kids

Weapon: Qigong techniques

God Profile: Tenpo Gensui- Tenpo is a Marshal of Heavens Army, he seems to spend most of his time reading about war in his office then getting everyone else to help tidy up when he leaves a mess. He's an old friend of Kozen, and looks out for Kenren.

Human Profile: Hakkai used to be an extremely well mannered school teacher known as Cho Gonou. That was before before his girlfriend was abducted by Hyakugan Maoh. Cho Gonou became enraged and  went to save his love, in the process killing 1000 youkai. Because of killing 1000 youkai, he himself turned into the very thing he wanted to destroy, a youkai. After finding his girlfriend locked behind bars, she told him of how she had been raped by Hyakugan Maoh, and now had his child growing inside of her. She took Hakkai's dagger then committed suicide in front of him.

Now a full demon, he wears a 'demon inhibiter' like Goku on his ear. He is the most mature member of the party and tries his best to diffuse the arguments that always seem to go on amongst the other members. He also tries to handle things calmly, but if that fails, he can hold his own in a fight. He uses  ki (life energy) making it into balls of energy to blast away the bad guys or to form a shield to protect them.

He also has a little white dragon as a companion. This dragon, Hakuryu, happens to turn into a jeep that they use as transportation. He's the kind thoughtful one that looks out for everyone else, and is usually the healer. He's also the level headed one with Gojyo and Goku always turning to him if Sanzo is having one of his angry episodes or isn't available.  Despite his mild mannered habits, Hakkai is a killer and holds no qualms about killing anyone apart from his friends...

Why this listing?

I made this listing because I am a huge fan of the anime/manga Saiyuki. In addition, I am a big fan of Hakkai. He has wonderful physical attributes, and a cheerful attitude that hides his tragic past.

Site Name Explanation

This name came to me with a little thought. I was looking for something to match Hakkai's character. When thinking, his tragic past came to mind instantly. Also, his constant smile and happy attitude, but these are just to hide his inner turmoil. So, the term hidden came, along with anguish and that was how the name was born. ^_^